Frank Thomas' paintings and prints of Old West American Indians, Mormon Pioneers to Utah Territory, Horse Soldiers, Buffalo Soldiers, Civil War Soldiers and Lewis & Clark Expedition are historically accurate, owing to his extensive 19th century subject/location research. He knows how to paint the horse.

Frank Thomas' art and pictures of the American scene reflect his research into the less traveled areas of our nation. His realistic paintings of still-life images and the Amish way of life, reflect an earlier era.

Frank Thomas' LDS paintings and prints are filled with images of the Savior, Jesus Christ, Bible scenes, Book of Mormon scenes, LDS Temples, Prophet Joseph Smith & Brigham Young in Kirtland, Ohio and Nauvoo, Illinois.   On-site research in the U.S. and Middle East adds to his religious Mormon art.

Thomas has observed, taken pictures of and painted Rocky Mountain mule deer and the buffalo or bison of the early West. His animal scenes reflect his Utah residence and familiarity with its wildlife.

Frank Thomas, Army Officer, in both Southeast Asia and the Persian Gulf, became an official US Army Combat Artist while serving in Vietnam and Desert Storm. His Army art paintings were inspired by first-hand accurate research. Thomas' Army Patriotic Art was inspired by the United States Constitution.

Patriotic Art & Revolutionary War Art by U.S. Army Combat Artist Frank M. Thomas (LTC)

Vietnam War Art by U.S. Army Combat Artist Frank M. Thomas (LTC)

Desert Storm Combat Art by U.S. Army Combat Artist Frank M. Thomas (LTC)