Crossing On The Dirty Devil

10th Cavalry Regiment "Buffalo" Soldiers on Escort Duty

Original Art Canvas, 32 sq. ft. (48" x 96")  by Artist Frank M. Thomas  -  Artist's Collection

Historical Background:
In the years following the Civil War, migration into the West, beginning in the 1840s, flowed on in ever larger waves. The American Indian Tribes attempted to block this invasion. Thus Congress found the need to add additional cavalry regiments to augment its forces in the West. The 9th and 10th Cavalry Regiments were organized of African Americans, many of whom had formerly been slaves. They became the rank and file of the regiments up through the rank of Sergeant Major, commissioned officers being white. These very brave, hardy, reliable horse soldiers received the nickname "buffalo soldiers," a term of respect earned from the Indians they fought.

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This painting depicts the U.S. Army's 10th Cavalry Regiment "buffalo soldiers" serving escort duty in 1875 in the Southwestern region of the Old West. This assignment was often a mundane chore disliked by most soldiers, but highly essential in ensuring traveler safety through Indian country.
Artist Frank Thomas (U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, retired) used as models two of the soldiers and friends he served with in Vietnam, in 1967. Former Field Artillery Captain James Tate (Thomas's former field artillery commanding officer, now U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel, retired) is painted on the lead horse as a Sergeant, and 1st Lieutenant Melvin Lodge (a fellow Army officer, now retired high school principal) is portrayed as the Corporal on the second horse.


Canvas Art Print Offerings:

18" x 24"  (signed by artist/rolled - ready to stretch)………..$155.52  

18" x 24"  (signed by artist/stretched - ready to frame)……..$176.50  
24" x 32"  (signed by artist/rolled - ready to stretch)………..$276.28  

  (NOTE: The rolled print may be stretched in most frame shops before framing.           The 18"x 24" sized print may use a standard sized frame after it is stretched.   The Image may also be printed on heavy/textured art paper.)