Lot's Hundred

Nauvoo Legion ("Utah Cavalry"), U.S. Army, proceeding up Immigration Canyon, May 1862 - Start of the Civil War

Original Art Canvas, 32 sq. ft. (48" x 96")  by Artist Frank M. Thomas  -  Artist's Collection

Historical Background:    
Major Lot Smith and his hundred man Nauvoo Legion cavalry company (U.S. Army, May 1862) proceeding up Immigration Canyon, bound for the plains of Wyoming.

Lot Smith, an early Mormon Church leader and rugged frontiersman was an officer in the Nauvoo Legion. In 1857 he led a territorial militia force against supply trains and livestock of the approaching U.S. Army's Utah Expedition (the Utah War), commanded by General Albert S. Johnson. His actions in capturing 1,400 animals and burning many wagons, to stop Johnson in Wyoming, earned him the title "Mountain Fox."

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Early in 1862, the Civil War began. By that Spring, following deployment of the U.S. Army's 4th Cavalry Regiment into Tennessee, a disturbing lack of military influence was felt along the Overland Trail. As a result, the Shoshone Indians increased their murderous depredations against travelers and commercial shippers following the route through the Rocky Mountains.

Finally, in April, 1862, LDS Church President Brigham Young received a telegram from United States President Abraham Lincoln authorizing him to raise, equip and arm a company of cavalry for service on the Overland Trail, to be funded by the U.S. Government. (See Deseret News, 7 May 1862.) When requisitioned on short (two day) notice by Territorial Adjutant General Daniel Wells, the Legion¹s horses were quickly supplied by Orin Porter Rockwell.

Under command of Major Lot Smith (the "Mountain Fox"), Utah Territory's Nauvoo Legion horse soldiers (all volunteers, many former members of the Mormon Battalion, U.S. Army) took to the field in Wyoming.

Our Territorial Nauvoo Legion Militia was a forerunner of Utah's Army National Guard, and is, today, found only in the "Utah Cavalry" lineage of southern Utah's modern 2/222 Field Artillery Battalion, formerly (during 2006-07) on active duty...service in Iraq.

The artist, Frank Thomas, a former Utah National Guard officer, once commanded Service Battery, 2/222 Field Artillery Battalion, Beaver, Utah.    He has portrayed himself in this painting as the buckskin-clad lieutenant - scout reporting to Major Lot Smith.   The (2006) commanding officer of the battalion, Lieutenant Colonel Gordon Rawlinson (now...US Army Colonel - formerly served in Afghanistan), is portrayed as the horse soldier on the far right.

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