Brother Brigham's Here

LDS Church President/Governor Brigham Young Arrives at 
Cove Fort on a Trip to St George, Utah Territory, 1877

Original Art Canvas, 29 sq. ft. (50" x 83")  by Artist Frank M. Thomas  - Artist's Collection

(Currently being exhibited at the Cove Fort Historical Site, Cove Fort, Utah.)

Historical Background:
In 1867, Brigham Young, President of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, also Governor of the Utah Territory, made a special calling to Ira Hinckley, of Coalville. He was directed to proceed to the Cove Creek Valley in central Utah (Millard County) and there build a fort suitable to provide safety and comfort to travelers along the corridor from Salt Lake City to the southern Mormon settlements. With the assistance of many skilled volunteers called from the surrounding settlements, Ira was able to accomplish this enormous task within a few months and move his family south to occupy the lava stone fort. Ira was the grandfather of our late LDS Church President Gordon B. Hinckley. For the next twenty years the Hinckley family served the traveling public providing rooms and meals, and as well, feeding the many Ute Indians who approached the front gates.

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Two stage coaches of the Gilmer & Salisbury Stage Lines stopped at Cove Fort each day, one from the north and one from the south on what was called the "Salt Lake-St George stage line." A stage office was maintained in conjunction with the post office in a room next to the telegraph office, at the southeast corner of the fort. As fresh horses were being hitched-up to the coach (depicted in the painting), passengers were fed a warm meal prepared in the Hinckley Family kitchen. This painting shows President Brigham Young's late Spring arrival on his last trip to St George, for he died a few months later, in August 1877. He is portrayed being greeted by Ira Hinckley.
The last three directing elders (2002-2006) are portrayed working with the horses (Elders Carl Madsen and Lynn Haskell) and as the stage driver (Elder Tom Nelson). David Christiansen (Fillmore), LDS Church Facilities Director, is seen standing by the coach and communicating with the driver. The artist, Frank Thomas, is shown helping his wife, Patreecia, down from the stage coach. Gaye Christiansen (Fillmore) is painted holding on to the artist's grandson Christian Vargas.


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