The Visit of Angels

The Logan Temple, Cache Valley, Utah, February 1905 
Original Painting - Acrylic on Canvas, 8.8 sq. ft. (32" x 40") By Artist Frank M. Thomas
Background:  John Farnham Boynton was one of the original twelve apostles of latter days.   He ultimately returned to his Massachusetts to live, but at Nauvoo he had caught the spirit of genealogy and temple work.  He never lost his testimony of the gospel and was a Mormon at heart all his life.  In the 1870’s John went to work to compile a history and genealogy of the early Boynton families of America.  
Olive Boynton, a sister to John F., had married Jonathan Harriman Hale, Bishop of the ninth ward at Nauvoo.  The Hale family headed west with the pioneers, where the parents died at Winter Quarters.  The four sons and a daughter arrived in Utah and settled at Grantville in 1854.
As John F. compiled his thousands of names in family order, he sent copies to his nephews in Utah, knowing they would soon have a temple, and could do the temple work for his families.  

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In 1888, the Hales moved to Cache Valley, bringing their voluminous genealogical records with them, and began an extensive temple activity.  At this time they arranged with Samuel Roskelley to prepare the sheets for temple work.  He kept names in the temple continuously from then until about 1903.  That Fall his health began to fail, his eye sight was poor and he decided to give up all his record work.  He brought the records to Alma H. Hale, and told him it would be necessary to get some one else to take over the work. 
Jonathan H. Hale wrote:  “During the following week, father was very depressed and worried all the time, and was hardly able to work or eat.  He could not decide what to do, for neither he nor any of the Hale family knew how to proceed with the work.  A great deal of information had been gathered and the family felt a great responsibility to complete the work.  The whole family made it a matter of prayer for the week.  The next Sunday Brother Roskelley came to father and said:   ‘Bring the records back to me.  I have to finish them.  Friday evening as I was returning home from the temple, a messenger on a white horse appeared by the side of my buggy and said he wanted me to finish the Hale record…said thousands of the Hale family were anxious that the work go on.  I explained that I was too busy to do any more record work, and that my eye sight and health would not permit it.  Then the messenger made me this promise, that if I would continue, the Lord would bless me with health and strength, my eye sight would be good, and the way would be opened so I would have the necessary time to do the work.  He stayed by my side until I finally promised to do it, and the he blessed me and disappeared.’   “When Brother Roskelley described his messenger to father, he answered,  ‘Why that was my own father, Jonathan Harriman Hale, the first of the Hale’s to join the church in 1834.  He died in 1847 at Winter Quarters.’”
When Brother Roskelley finally finished the record he said that the greatest load he ever carried was lifted off his shoulders.  He had made a promise to a heavenly being and couldn’t rest until the work was completed.  He went home that very night and took off his glasses and never wore them again in his life.  
The Hale family had a week-long reunion in the temple about 1905, when they completed the last baptism and endowment, and then on Friday afternoon the last sealing was done for the 4,000 family members.  As President Merrill was on his way to Richmond, that night, he turned to tell the temple good-bye, as was his custom, and his heart about jumped out of his body.  He could see the temple was on fire, but as he looked at it for a few minutes he was satisfied that there were no red flames licking upwards.  The whole temple was filled with light, and the outside of the building shone with a pale pink glow.  All the people in the neighborhood gathered to watch the phenomena and said they heard a heavenly choir sing for nearly two hours.  Everyone marveled at the sight, for there were no electric lights or other means of lighting the building until ten years later in 1915.  The same thing happened the following night, too, with all the rooms and the building lighted, and the heavenly choir singing.
President Merrill knew that we had had a very heavenly manifestation.  President Wilford Woodruff said the Hale and Boynton families had been permitted to come from the Other Side, to celebrate their deliverance in the Logan Temple.
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