200 Years of Soldiers Provide for a Common Defense 

Art Work (15" x 20") by (former) U.S. Army Combat Artist - Frank M. Thomas,  LTC, retired 

Found In the Artist's collection

    The Preamble to the Constitution of the United States of America, in stating the purposes of a new supreme law of the land, in part, reads as follows:
 "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense..."

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In 1987 we commemorated the Bicentennial of the Constitution.   Twenty-two American army veterans of the Revolutionary War were numbered among the delegates who signed that hallowed document.   Those veterans were both patriots and leaders, who not only fought in the revolution, they preserved their victory by drafting the Constitution, a "most remarkable work," and creating a new government for the recently "united states."    They were most adamant that government¹s authority to exist come only from the People themselves.   The Constitution created a military to "provide for the common defense," to safeguard our precious individual liberties.

This two hundred year span of soldiers depicted, standing shoulder-to-shoulder with their forefathers, and superimposed over the Constitution, is taken from Frank Thomas' 1986 edition art print "Provide For The Common Defense."

In 1987, Thomas allowed the U.S. Army Office of Public Affairs and the Secretary of the Army's special Constitutional Bicentennial staff to employ his 1986 Constitutional art in the Army's observance of the Bicentennial of the Constitution.   A most innovative Army use of his art with the Constitution, at that time, inspired former U.S. Army artist Frank M.Thomas to re-issue the print as seen above.

The Lithographic Art Print as shown above is offered 

in a 20" x 15" size  (signed by artist)...(ready for your desired matting and framing)...........$72.00 


The Lithographic art print is also offered in four different colors of double mats.  As seen below: Red, White & Blue U.S. Flag mat; Olive Drab military green mat; Dark Slate Blue mat; Burgundy colored mat...all are matted with a bright gold inner liner.  (These matted prints are exceptionally beautiful placed in a gold frame.)


 Print: 20" x 15" - with Red/White/Blue flag mat (20" x 26")  (signed by artist - ready to frame)…...$137.00



 Print: 20" x 15" - with Olive Drab Green mat (20" x 26")  (signed by artist - ready to frame)………$118.00



 Print: 20" x 15" - with Dark Slate Blue mat (20" x 26") (signed by artist - ready to frame)…………$118.00



 Print: 20" x 15" - with Burgundy colored mat (20" x 26") (signed by artist - ready to frame)…………$118.00

         Shipping (insured) on each packaged print………….+$21.50