Highlands Defense

Hill 875 in the Central Highlands of Vietnam 

by U.S. Army Combat Artist Frank M. Thomas (LTC)

Original 11" x 15" Graphite Drawing
Found in the Artist's Collection, Holden, Utah

    The extremely rugged mountainous region along the Cambodian border, in the northern part of the II Corps area, was witness to many bloody encounters.   This scene on a Central highlands mountaintop south of Dak To, Kontum Province, Vietnam, depicts a brief lull in the battle against elements of the North Vietnamese Army's 1st Division.   A tired young M-60 machine gunner, after a long night of fighting, bows his head for a little rest......or is he seeking guidance from higher command?

The U.S. Army's 173 Airborne Brigade lost many courageous young soldiers, NCO's and officers in the battle of many days (in November 1967) that finally won for them the high ground on Hill 875.   Army Combat artist 1st Lieutenant Frank Thomas spent Thanksgiving Day on that highlands mountaintop.     _____________________________________________________________________________________

Lithographic Art Print Offering:

11" x 15" (signed by artist - ready to frame)......................$25.00