Gently, Ever So Gently

Army Medics at Their Very Finest In Vietnam 

Original 20" x 32" Acrylic/Canvas Painting by U.S. Army Combat Artist Frank M. Thomas 

Found in the Vietnam Combat Art Collection, US Army Center of Military History, Washington, D.C.

A soldier's greatest fear is the bullet that seemingly comes out of nowhere, to be followed by the distant crack and echo of a sniper's rifle shot.  Most times the round snaps harmlessly by, and time is frozen as we dive for scanty cover in the rice paddy mud we have been struggling through.   But, all too often the sniper bullet does find its target, and inflicts grievous wounds, or snuffs out a life.

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Urgently, desperately we search the distant trees, the green jungle bordering this flooded expanse of paddies, then call artillery fire onto suspected locations.   As we cautiously rise to continue our laborious walk through deep mud, and not on the dry, inviting dikes bordering the paddies (for fear of land mines), we hear the distant popping sound of the "dust off" (Med Evac) chopper coming to pick up the latest casualty.

The medics, mud covered angels of mercy, seemingly oblivious to their own danger, have been struggling to keep our comrade alive and are now placing the bandage....gently, ever so gently.


Canvas Art Print Offerings:

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20" x 32" (signed by artist/rolled - ready to stretch)..........................$230.40                                                    shipped.......................+$15.00

(NOTE: The rolled canvas print may be stretched in most frame shops before framing...Also, may be printed on a heavy textured art paper at the same price and size as the canvas prints)